Turning 30 Soon: What To Expect When You Are Expecting To Turn 30

 What Would Make Me Feel Better About Turning 30


I rarely tell my age. I don’t know why. One day, I decided to give myself an  arbitrary age and its younger than what I actually am. But not like perverted young, just a few years younger. It is not like my age is some big secret, if you asked me I would tell you.


However I’m reaching a “milestone” age. Enough of a milestone where I will no longer be able to say I’m in my 20s. I’m turning 30 in March. It’s my 30th birthday.

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I’m turning 30 in March? *blinks hard* It’s my 30th birthday??


There’s a lot of stuff I want to do and I thought that I would have done by the time I was 30. For example, I just KNEW that I would be married almost directly out of college and I would be done having kids by now. WRONG!

You may be beginning to notice that I like lists: Baby bucket list, 5 date night rules, another list of 3 coming tomorrow, and I would go insane without my to-do lists.

In honor of my 30th birthday, I’ve created a list called “30 for 30”. No, it’s not some sports challenge or a challenge at all for that matter. It is just a list of 30 things I want for my 30th birthday in a perfect world.


I don’t expect anybody to buy anything off of this list. Mainly because I have like 5 readers, 3 of whom I order to read my site.

However, if you feel so inclined please by all means purchase away. Isn’t it great that my birthday is conveniently during tax season? :-) Also, for every gift purchased, I will do an hour of volunteer work with children. Tutoring, speaking with children and I am even up to some suggestions for community service activites.


So how did my list come together?

This is clearly a battle between my Whitley and my Freddie side. Some girly and feminine stuff, professional awesome lawyer like items, books, an electronic item or two (a girl can dream), some skincare products, smell goods (perfume) and assorted weaponry. Ok, there’s no weaponry on the list, but that’s another subject….


With the digital camera, I’ll be able to capture more of the amazing moments in my life (and share someone here). What about the iPad?  Well I want one quite frankly and I could put it to good use. I wanted to add  some good pieces and necessities to my wardrobe so there are a few shoes, jewelry, and clothing items


This list reflects me pretty well because it is a good balance of my wants and needs.  Also, I like to believe that I’m not one to break the bank and am reasonable.  Don’t believe me? Look at the variety of prices. I know the value of a good bargain or deal.


Special thanks to @BeautyByDesign1, @JWash5121 and @BigDEElight (who I harass for all questions dealing with electronics).  Without them, I would not have completed this list.  Each of them have varied obsessions with electronics, make up and trendy clothing, which I was able to use and pick out the best items based on my style.

birthday gifts for whitley brooks, birthday gifts for jennifer, what do i want for my birthday, 30th birthday gifts, birthday wishlist, turning 30

What am I doing for my 30th? I will SHOW you when it’s time.  Yep, I’m going to stop being scared and show some pictures from my 30th birthday.


How do you feel about birthdays?  What do you do to celebrate? Have you created a wish list? What did it include?


Have you asked your friends for advise on what to wear? Tell me you story good or bad!

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