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My 2014 Anthem Will Make the Most Evil Person Feel Good

My 2014 Song of the Year

My love for music is never ending and every year I usually have a song that sticks with me. This song somehow ends up speaking to my journey over the course of 365 days. Let’s call it a personal anthem.

The anthem has deep meaning to me and when I hear it, I am instantly transported to that moment in time and enveloped by the feelings [...]

Why Beyonce(‘s new Album) is a Feminist Womanist and You Will Deal


Beyonce’ the Womanist
Today’s post comes from one of my friends, D. Danyelle, and it’s about one of my favorite artists, Beyonce’. Folks have been arguing for years whether she is a feminist or even if she has the right to be a feminist. Her surprise album, Beyonce’, has reignited the debate with a vengeance. I thought about weighing in, but didn’t feel like dealing with [...]

What the What: The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond? Really?

The Real Babymamas of Richmond

Hey honey bunnies! I’m back and so is What the What Wednesday.
We all have thought at some point that reality tv has gone too far, but it continues on. However with The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond, it has jumped the shark and run into the docks and burst into flames.

How did I come across this traveshamockery? I was watching the local news when they [...]

What the What Wednesday: Treat Me Like a What???

This panda is befuddled too

Hey honey bunnies! You get two What the Whats today….enjoy
I LOVe music. All genres and from way back to the present. Music hasn’t been as good in recent years but there are a few current tunes that I like.
But the majority of the stuff now is GARBAGE and must be stopped! Clearly talent is no longer a requirement and people are willing to spend [...]

What the What Wednesday: Guards Bumping Uglies with Inmates


What the What Wednesday is BACK!
What would possess a prison guard to have a relationship with an inmate? What kind of low self esteem, desperate, freedom hating, poor decision making hot mess do you have to be to do such a thing?

Nancy Gonzalez had a relationship with not one, but two inmates. Wait, it gets better/worse….Nancy is 8 months pregnant. She is now facing a [...]

The Wonder Twins are Home!


The Wonder Twins are home! They came home today and it was an adventure.

When we got to the hospital, it took us a while to get to them. First, we delivered some treats and thank you cards to the NICU and the antepartum unit where I was while on bedrest. They chatted us up for a few minutes and made us promise to bring the [...]

Almost Home: Rooming In with the Wonder Twins


The Wonder Twins are coming home within a week! We are excited and nervous and this is sooner than they anticipated. However, they have progressed so well and with no problems, we can go home!

Before they can come home, we have to room in with them at the hospital. Our awesome hospital allows moms and dads to stay in a room with babies overnight to [...]

Tis The Season: Twins Coming Home Soon and $50 Amazon Giveaway


The Wonder Twins will be home within the next couple of weeks! They are both gaining weight and doing very well.  All feedings are on bottles now too.

This year has been a big roller coaster ride but I have a lot to be thankful for and so does my friend, Bella Rose of Mamademics. We both became mothers this year and to celebrate, we want [...]

Thanksgiving with the Twins: Week 5 and Thankful


This Thanksgiving, we are truly thankful. After many ups and downs, we are most thankful for our beautiful Wonder Twins who are getting bigger and hitting a lot of milestones earlier than expected.

The big developments this week are that they have started bottle feedings for a few of their meals and they are almost free of all monitors.
What are you most thankful for this year?